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About Carvisor

Why Carvisor?

In 117 years the French car fleet has grown from 1,672 vehicles to 39,140,000! Each year more than 2 million new cars and 5,6 million used cars are sold in France.

The wave of e-reputation has swept away the habits of consumers of all ages. In our era of digitalization, 9 out of 10 buyers consult a website before making a purchase. The opinion of Internet users is now essential in many areas. To our opinion, the auto industry was missing.

CARVISOR answers to this evolution with the first site dedicated to car and garage reviews and is positioned as a key platform between the professionals of car maintenance and repair and the drivers.

Drivers finally have a portal to deposit, share and consult opinions on their vehicles and garages!

CARVISOR has several advantages:

  • The site is accessible to all
  • Carvisor.fr is 100% neutral
  • Our vehicle base has more than 50 brands, more than 100,000 versions and more than 10 years of history.
  • Each review is published and can be consulted after moderation.
  • The site is simple, uncluttered and easy to use for users (drivers and professionals)!

For professionals, CARVISOR is much more than a simple directory, internal solution or SEO site, we offer a complete solution by subscription for customer experience management!
We unite the 3 key elements in a single tool:

  1. The e-reputation of the individual branches: your e-reputation, our priority!
  2. Back-office access with dashboard and indicators
  3. The reviews of YOUR customers

With Carvisor.fr we help drivers to better choose their vehicle and garage. We help professionals to manage their customer experience, improve their e-reputation and collect a maximum of reviews.

About us

The idea came to us in 2015. We needed to change our vehicle, and as with most of our other purchases, consumer opinions help us choose better.

In many areas the opinions of Internet users are reassuring and trigger a choice of product or service. Lost in the middle of fan auto forums, we couldn't find simple user reviews or ratings!

It is with our energy and imagination as well as the creativity of a great dedicated technical team that CARVISOR is born at the end of 2017. CARVISOR collects reviews, put online after verification, to help drivers make the best choice of vehicles and garages. 2 years later we added our module PRO « garage review », a performing solution for the professionals to manage their customer experience.

Don't choose by chance anymore! Leave your review on CARVISOR, a refined, simple and 100% impartial site.

100 % Authentique

100% authentic

All the published reviews are real, coming from drivers with verified experiences.

100% incorruptible

100% incorruptible

Both positive and negative reviews are published, with no privilege for any brand or network.

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